Patrizia Iacino is a gifted counselor using a Rapid Transformational Therapy technique. Her preparation, her manner, her voice, her loving spirit come through in a way that made me feel comfortable and soothed while helping me get clear of ways I got hurt and stuck during the first two years of my life — a time I obviously cannot consciously remember. Such a gift, re-membering my insecure attachment with an alternately smothering and negligent mother who did not breastfeed me, who exploited me for the sake of her own narcissistic wound. I now feel liberated from my past … and so grateful for the new inner freedom!

– P.O.B. Oregon

I was going through a very challenging moment at my career, dealing with all the stressors that come with transitioning from a comfortable 16 years job to a fast paced environment, when I’ve contacted Patrizia Iacino. She was very understanding and listened to me with utmost compassion. She explained about the whole RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) process and worked toward my  goals for the session. Her uplifting, positive and fun personality made me very easy to open up and work with her. Our session was behind my expectations and her constant follow ups were invaluable to me. Her ability to form interpersonal connection with her clients and constant support during the whole process makes me highly recommend to anyone who is looking to transform their lives. Thank you! 

– L.C. New York