Patrizia Iacino is an RTT™ Certified Therapist. She has always been driven and passionate towards achieving balance, harmony and well-being. Everything she has done in her career has guided and brought her to Rapid Transformational Therapy. Her illustrious career as an Architect, Interior Designer and Feng Shui Expert, has allowed her to understand and have an impact on tranquility, happiness and peace of mind.

Patrizia’s talent as a creator of custom-designed jewelry furthered her path by bringing individual contentment to all her customers. Furthering her career as person who brings health and wellness to people, her career as a Personal Chef has given her the tools to understand what the body and mind need to be balanced. Her philosophy of “A healthy mind is a healthy body” has given her important distinction as she works with her clients in Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Her approach is based in the philosophy of holistic research that will bring sound mind and well-being. Patrizia’s access to the natural passage from nourishment of the body to the nourishment of the mind and soul is the perfect transition to Rapid Transformation Therapy. Her deep care of others and the desire to bring harmony and balance to people, makes her a transformative mentor in this therapy.

She holds the title of Advanced Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist and Certified Hypnotherapist Patrizia Iacino – RTT Online Certificate

Patrizia’s produces excellent results that are effective, rapid for everyday challenges. She works with patients to use their own inner resources to overcome their physical and emotional challenges.

Patrizia’s works with people who have concerns with weight loss, bad habits, emotional stress, insomnia.

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